A Whale of a Time


whaleEvery so often we need to dump our personal, emotional rubbish. We need to take a deep breath and get on with our lives in a clean and fresh way.

 The whale swam around its ocean and enjoyed its life. It had its mate and their baby whales to give love and companionship It was a happy whale.

However, in sweeping up plankton it would collect debris in its mouth. This would build up and inhibit the absorption of food making it tired and irritable. As it swam around in the depths it usually loved watching the fishes and corals but as it became more lethargic and depressed the enjoyment became rarer and rarer.

There came a time when the blue and clear water seemed to be dark grey and murky. It felt cold and his mate and children annoyed him just by being around.

One day, a huge whale swam close to him. “Isn’t life wonderful!” it squeaked. “The sea is endless as it goes around the world.”

Our whale replied. “There was once something good about my life, but now I can only see and feel darkness”

The big whale told him to follow. They swam to the surface. Then, the older, wiser whale told the younger one to expel all the air from its lungs and to take a massive breath in. Our whale did what he was told. All the air came out of his blowhole with an enormous sound. Then, the big whale told him to spit out all debris that had collected in his mouth. With another gigantic breath the rubbish was blown away.

Feeling so much better, our wale took another breath and dived to rejoin his family.

The big whale followed and said; “Whenever you feel the way that you did, dark and bleak, all you have to do is to teak a break, take a breath and dump the rubbish that you have collected in your life. Rubbish from the past hurts the present. There is never room for junk in anything”

Our whale was new again. He played with his children, chatted to his mate and saw the colours of the fish and plants again as bright and wonderful things.

If, in future he ever felt that life was bad again, he knew what to do; dump personal emotional rubbish, take a deep breath and get on with life in a clean fresh way.

If you feel that you would like help in taking that breath and dumping that emotional rubbish please contact us at HypnoHut Hypnotherapy and get on with YOUR life in a clean fresh way.


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