Anxiety Myths & Misconceptions


Anxiety has has been around “for ever”. Anxiety is important in that it helps us when approaching dangerous situations.

The time it becomes destructive is when we think many situations can be dangerous. It is only now that anxiety is beginning to be understood and there have been many myths and misconceptions that can prevent recovery and make things worse.

Here are some of those myths and misconceptions that can make things worse.

  1. Anxiety is caused by a chemical imbalance in the braingenerally not true, to believe that anxiety is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain could lead to treatment in this area which could prevent meaningful and lasting recovery

  2. Anxiety is hereditary and genetic – not true, this belief can also prevent meaningful and lasting recovery

     3. Anxiety is mental disorder. Once you have it you will always have it – not true, believing that anxiety is a mental disorder and that you’ll always have it will add to your                           anxiety

      4.  You can only manage anxiety but never completely cure it – not true, believing that you can only manage anxiety symptoms but  never completely cure anxiety will                                     prevent lasting recovery

  5. You need  medication to overcome anxiety  – not true, believing that  you need medication to overcome anxiety can lead to a life time of drugs which  not help recovery


  6. You need know the root cause of the anxiety in order to overcome it not always true, in some cases perhaps, but with hypnotherapy using the CONTROL method that                               is not always true. That is why some people struggle long-term. Come and see us in the HypnoHut and we can explain the method free of charge.

     7. You need many therapy sessions to overcome anxiety -not true, with the CONTROL hypnosis system, it can normally take an initial free consult and 3 sessions. It                                                 rarely takes more than that. Come and see us for that free initial consult.

You do not have to live with the feeling of severe anxiety. At the HypnoHut we can change your life

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