Are you parked or moving on?

We often refer to life as a journey –but do we always know where we are heading?  Have we planned our destination or are we just travelling without direction?  Have you looked at the map recently or set your personal Sat Nav?

“If you don’t know where you are going … any road will take you there…”


If you are happy roaming that’s great.  If you feel lost and want direction… consider this.


You are already on a road – however young or old you are – you are on a road… you have started your travels…


it is neither too soon or too late to check where you have been and where you are heading – and most importantly where you want to go…


Perhaps on that journey you came across something that grabbed your interest at the time (be it smoking, drinking, gambling or some other habit or behaviour) and you may have parked up there and maybe you’ve been there for some-time and feel stuck there … you can stay if you like or you can now see the “No Parking” sign and set off in a new direction and move on…


Perhaps on that journey you have come up against some hardship or ill health … that again can make us park up and stay in one place sometime with negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Whilst we may not be able to change our health status or influence our financial status, we can control our mind-set and change the direction of our thoughts, feelings and emotions – we can un-park these and move them from negativity to positivity, from dark gloomy colours to bright shiny colours.  We can look upwards instead of downwards.


In fact, the law of attraction tells us that we get more of what we focus on!  – so we need to focus our attention on what we really want not what we don’t want; we need to focus more on the positive outcomes, positive feelings and positive energies that we really want to experience.


If any of this rings true for you but you’re just not sure how to “move on” – hypnotherapy may help you.  The non-judgemental and relaxing approach of guided imagery can just help you take time for yourself to explore your future direction and find the emotional energy to help you take your Road of Change.


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