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New Year, New You, or Just the Same?

Ouch! Pain! Suffering! That’s what happens when your New Year’s Resolution comes to a crashing halt!


Sleep is the most important job of the day!

That is often said but what does it mean and what can affect us disrupting the most important job of the day?


How many “friends” do you have on Facebook?

The phone becomes an addiction in the same way as smoking or drinking does, and can have the same effect. It causes many people stress, anxiety and withdrawal symptom and often loss of sleep.


Achieve Your Goals : 6 Things To Stop Doing

Want you achieve your goals? Here are 6 habits that need to be broken if you are going to be successful.

10 Tips Creating a Better Life Balance

10 Tips Creating a Better Life Balance

Many of us take each day as it comes. We have followed a script rather than choosing a path   Remain focused and disciplined        2.  Invest your time wisely       3.   Learn to set boundaries       4.   Minimise toxicity from negative people       5,   Invest in …

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Change Your Mindset

What is Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy / CONTROL? Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic intervention to help people make beneficial changes to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This is achieved by engaging with the client’s subconscious part of their mind, this is the part that influences the involuntary functions of the mind and body, the things that we …

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interviewing Glenn Harrold next week for radio show.

There will not be many of you who have not heard of Glenn Harrold. A qualified hypnotherapist for over twenty years, he has sold over 7 million self help Cd’s and books. As he says “ “When I released my first tapes in 1997, I had no master plan other than a genuine desire to …

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Anxiety Myths & Misconceptions

Anxiety Myths & Misconceptions

Anxiety has has been around “for ever”. Anxiety is important in that it helps us when approaching dangerous situations. The time it becomes destructive is when we think many situations can be dangerous. It is only now that anxiety is beginning to be understood and there have been many myths and misconceptions that can prevent …

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  Are you parked or moving on? We often refer to life as a journey –but do we always know where we are heading?  Have we planned our destination or are we just travelling without direction?  Have you looked at the map recently or set your personal Sat Nav? “If you don’t know where you …



Anxiety in Young People

Anxiety on increase among UK’s young people A survey by The Prince’s trust has revealed that political upheaval, job worries and low self-confidence have left young people anxious and daunted with 58% saying political events had made them fear for their futures. Of the 2,215 people aged between 16 and 25 interviewed a total of …

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