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The Epidemic of Fear

Anxiety is sweeping our planet over the Coronavirus but it’s not just the Coronavirus that concerns me.


Are you stockpiling loo rolls?

During the coronavirus problems, people are labelled “selfish, greedy, inconsiderate” for stockpiling loo rolls. Is this fair? Yes, of course it is! But, what could be behind that desire and action. I wouldn’t try to justify it, but there could be a reason behind it for some. “We find,” wrote Charles Mackay, “that whole communities …

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Be Priority to You

Make it a mental priority to think of yourself and talk to yourself positively and with great respect.


6 Reasons gratitude can help you feel better

Gratitude is the act of being thankful and expressing appreciation. It is essentially a change in mindset, encouraging you to focus on and reflect the positives in the present.


Accept yourself for who you are

I find one of the biggest issues that I come across with my clients, is that they’re putting way too much pressure on themselves to be perfect and not accepting themselves as they are.

how to overcome anxiety

When anxiety becomes crippling…

Anxiety is our reaction to internal or external stress. It is often an indicator that something has to change or needs to be done.


New Year, New You, or Just the Same?

Ouch! Pain! Suffering! That’s what happens when your New Year’s Resolution comes to a crashing halt!


Sleep is the most important job of the day!

That is often said but what does it mean and what can affect us disrupting the most important job of the day?


How many “friends” do you have on Facebook?

The phone becomes an addiction in the same way as smoking or drinking does, and can have the same effect. It causes many people stress, anxiety and withdrawal symptom and often loss of sleep.


Achieve Your Goals : 6 Things To Stop Doing

Want you achieve your goals? Here are 6 habits that need to be broken if you are going to be successful.