Calm Those Butterflies


We all suffer from some level of jitters, nerves, anxiety, stage fright and even downright fear at the prospect in speaking to groups. I certainly did and still get some butterflies turning somersaults in my tummy.

Contrary to what some may tell you, you do do not need to be totally calm and collected to speak in front of others.

To believe that you cannot control those nerves is simply not true.

Once you have learnt how to develop your own style successfully even those butterflies will settle down after a very short time.

I can guarantee that having attended my Presentation Skills Workshop on you will be able to turn that anxiety, those nerves and fears into real confidence.

No-one is born a good speaker, it is a learned skill.

If you are prepared to invest £20 and 21/2 hours of your time on 28th October at the St. George Hotel in Chatham, you can develop that skill. For more information see the attached flyer, message

me, email me, or ring 01634 301152.



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