Change Your Mindset


What is Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy / CONTROL?

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic intervention to help people make beneficial changes to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This is achieved by engaging with the client’s subconscious part of their mind, this is the part that influences the involuntary functions of the mind and body, the things that we do “automatically”.

The subconscious mind is particularly good at feeling and expressing emotions and at imagining and creating ideas.

Hypnotherapy is safe, easy and very enjoyable. In the first instance an initial discussion/assessment with your Hypnotherapist will be needed where your reasons for attending and desired outcome will be established.

Hypnotherapy generally uses relaxation to help a client experience an induced “trance like state” – this can be achieved by the Hypnotherapist using guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation techniques or by using more rapid forms of hypnotic induction.

Alternatively, a different hypnotic technique, known as the CONTROL system is available which does not involve inducing a state of trance but engages directly with the subconscious mind in a quick, easy and effective manner.

The hypnotic trance like state is a natural state that we all enter several times a day.  It is not scary nor magical.  The human mind enters various different levels of consciousness throughout the day.  Most of our waking day we are in a state of “conscious dominance” where we carry out thought processes analysing things, perhaps arguing a point of view, working things out, discussing things and generally processing our thoughts.  At other times we may drift into a more “subconscious” state where we daydream or use our imagination to create something, maybe explore an idea and allow our minds some “creative thinking”.  When we dream at night we are particularly “subconscious dominant”.

It may help to think of our subconscious sometimes as our “inner child” – it is that part of us that feels and shows emotions and like young children it is really good at creating and imagining all kinds of weird and wonderful things.

An example of learned behaviour from conscious dominance to subconscious dominance may be as a child learning to ride a bike – we had to really concentrate and think about what we were doing, how to pedal, how to steer and how to brake but eventually our subconscious mind took over and riding a bike became automatic.  Likewise learning to play a musical instrument, read a book, write our name, drive a car and basically when we learn anything new.

All well and good when these learnings are positive and helpful to us.

However, sometimes we learn negative behaviours and responses. 

Example: We may learn as a child that spiders are scary!  Can you imagine the scenario?  Adult (shall we say mum) playing with a Child and a spider appears.  Adult’s (i.e. mum’s) response is to scream and run away.  Child observes and takes this lesson on board and learns “spiders are scary” and from then on (even into adulthood) imitates this behaviour.  This is then imprinted on their “subconscious memory” or what we may refer to as our “map of reality” and even as an adult who may consciously acknowledge that the spider is harmless they are still unable to stop the fear response.

It is this map of reality that determines what we believe to be true and therefore influences our behaviours and responses to every situation we find ourselves in.

Some of those negatives behaviours/responses can include:


  • Anxiety
  • Fears
  • Phobias
  • Habits
  • Addictions
  • Confidence issues


Plus many others…..

Increased anxiety or stress can even be caused by trying to overcome a negative problem resulting in a vicious circle with the anxiety getting bigger and stronger until we become anxious about the anxiety!

Overcoming these negative patterns of thought and the anxiety/stress they cause is where Hypnotherapy and particularly the CONTROL System have been shown to work brilliantly.

Hypnotherapy and the CONTROL system allows access to the subconscious part of the mind to help clients change their automatic responses and behaviours to achieve their desired goals.

At the Hypno-Hut we offer a non-judgemental client-centred approach to help you overcome these negative and limiting behaviours.

We tailor your treatment specifically to your needs using one or a combination of hypnotherapy techniques.

We offer you a free initial no obligation consult together with a short taster session.  This enables you to decide if it feels right for you and enables us to determine a) if we can work with you and b) which hypnotherapy technique would best help you achieve your goals.

On average you will require 4 sessions – including the initial free consult plus 3 treatments. Each session will last approximately 1 hour, but could be longer dependant on the vcient

Cost is £160 for 3 treatments.  Full payment is requested with your booking.  Subsequent treatments are £60 a session.


Hypnotherapy techniques we may use:

  • Guided Imagery
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • The CONTROL system

Need help?

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