Common Questions

Will I give up control?

No, you will be in control at all times. Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, we do not use trance and you are awake and conscious the whole time. Your subconscious only wants to find the best strategy for giving you most happiness and our role is to help it to achieve that.

Does hypnosis work for everyone?

Hypnosis can work for almost everyone. Some people are more susceptible to suggestions than others. The most important element is that you must be fully committed to the process and that you have an open mind.

Could I be influenced to do anything?

Absolutely not, your subconscious would not allow anything that you did not want.

How many sessions will I need?

Since adopting the CONTROL system, we offer a three session programme which is usually enough to make the positive changes required. There is the opportunity for “top up” if you wish.

How will I feel after sessions?

Our clients say that they feel a relaxed and positive experience of change during the session.

Are the changes permanent?

During the sessions, we help you to get agreement from your subconscious that the changes made are permanent. In the final session, we teach you self-hypnosis to enable you to communicate with the subconscious yourself.

What is the CONTROL System?

It is a method of creating rapid and positive change in the way that we think, feel and behave. It enables you to gain control of patterns of thought and remove any negative patterns of thought that hold you back.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please email us on, or telephone: 01634 301152