How many “friends” do you have on Facebook?


How often during the day do the feel the need to look at what people have to say to you (or about you)? How many times during the day do you feel the need to send messages? How many times during the day do you check your emails.? Do you notifications on day and night? Is your phone covered with “games”? Do you end up with tomato ketchup all over your phone when using it, with the dinner on a lap in front of you, the unwatched television blaring forth?

We have an average of 350 “friends” on Facebook. Add a photograph of you on a wonderful beach on holiday. A couple of dozen of your friends might tell you how wonderful it and you look. It makes you feel really great doesn’t it? In the middle of all of those you see the comment “It looks really wonderful, you’ve put on some weight since last I saw you.” Which post sticks in your mind? Which one spoils your holiday? Which one causes you stress and anxiety?

That stress and anxiety are not dismissed easily. You might worry about it so that it continues with you. You might continue to think about it when you return. People say things on Facebook that they would never say to your face without necessarily meaning to hurt you. How often after a hard day at work have you told the world of Facebook friends, either before you leave work, travelling or immediately you arrive home. Does it really help you to know how many people will not care as they have problems of their own, or even worry for you and you have passed you angst on?

How many of you “play” with your phone, laptop or computer in the hour leading up to bed?. That is a recipe for the seriously affecting most important job of the day, a good night’s sleep. I confess to having been a slave to the phone. I was going to say that I have been guilty of playing with my wife before I go to sleep, but in case that is misunderstood, it generally an app game.

I am ashamed to say that last month I averaged 1 hour 48mins a day on my phone. I am now trying to reduce that initially to an hour. The phone becomes an addiction in the same way as smoking or drinking does, and can have the same effect. It causes many people stress, anxiety and withdrawal symptom and often loss of sleep.

This has been a long post, but that is because the seductive nature of the phone and iPad can really cause serious problems.

Please just think about it.

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