Increasing Self-Esteem Through Hypnotherapy

low self efteem

low self efteemPoor self-esteem can be the basis of many of our problems. Feelings or beliefs of “not being good enough,” are quite common in today’s world. Confidence is an important aspect of a person’s life. It provides the foundation for feeling good about yourself.

Self-esteem is related to what you think and believe about yourself and how much you value yourself. You cannot respect others if you don’t respect yourself first. If you have confidence in yourself, you will improve your relationships, acknowledge your achievements and as a result, increase the quality of your life.

In our society today, there is a lot of fear of failure, social anxiety and poor self-image. It could be argued that low self-esteem is the root cause for many of these issues. Many of us have an inner critic, which can become very disempowering, if we listen to it too often.

In a worst case scenario, this can lead to despair, depression, isolation, and even suicidal thoughts. However, these patterns can be changed. The inner critic is really only trying to help, but it needs to be retrained. People with low self-esteem often tell themselves they’re inadequate somehow.

The inner critic feeds off this. This creates a negative pattern, which can spiral out of control.

Some of the symptoms of chronic low self-esteem include:

  • Withdrawal from social functions
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Chronic dissatisfaction with how you look
  • Putting yourself down in front of others
  • Possible self-harm
  • Constant negative self-talk

 How hypnotherapy can help with low self-esteem

The most critical component for establishing greater self-confidence and low self-cesteem is changing our self-talk. This means not feeding the inner critic. The first step in changing your self-talk is to become aware of it. Begin to observe not only what you say to yourself, but also how you say it.

People with low self-esteem. Beat themselves up way too much. So, practice listening to yourself. Become the observer in your inner dialogue. When you find yourself being overly critical about something, ask yourself this question.

“ If I spoke to my friends the way I speak to myself, would they put up with that?”

If the answer to that question is a clear no, then change it.

Hypnotherapy can access the unconscious mind and then change some of the established negative patterns, programs and behaviours to more positive and empowering ones.

This will involve identifying things such as:

  • Triggers/causes/symptoms
  • Setting tangible goals
  • Developing strategies
  • Implementing strategies
  • Creating more empowering beliefs
  • Focusing on the future you wish to create

Once the new beliefs are established, they need to grow and be nourished. This is where self-hypnosis can be such an effective tool. This can embed those new beliefs, which will over time create a more positive and empowering circle of thoughts and patterns, rather than the old negative destructive thought patterns, which were creating the low self-esteem to begin with.

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