interviewing Glenn Harrold next week for radio show.


There will not be many of you who have not heard of Glenn Harrold. A qualified hypnotherapist for over twenty years, he has sold over 7 million self help Cd’s and books. As he says “

“When I released my first tapes in 1997, I had no master plan other than a genuine desire to make the most effective tapes possible. Much to my delight and amazement the tapes sold well from the first day, when I sold them to a local chemist store. I literally used to drive round to a number of local stores selling them for a fiver a piece on sale or return!”
From the age of 12, he often slept rough on the streets as a result of a dysfunctional home life. At 15 he was expelled from school. He then fell in with the wrong crowd, and experimented with drugs and alcohol.
He was a Punk Rocker and in 1983 his group won the national Battle of the Bands competition.Glenn again, “I still get a real kick that so many people from all over the world enjoy my recordings and get help from them,” he explains. “I feel I’ve done okay for a kid who was kicked out of school at 15! It just shows the power of a positive frame of mind.”Well how lucky am I? As many of you will know, I am preparing for a weekly show with the online digital station UK Health Radio, and guess what, Glenn has agreed to be my guest on my very first show. What a real honour that is. I am interviewing him next week.I will be developing podcast and loading all my interviews on to it.All I need to do is to learn how to put everything into some semblance of order, drop bits into the middle of things (is that technical or what), add bits and prepare the whole thing for transmission. Anyone out there clever enough to help a technophobe?

Seriously, I will post transmission times, as it is online it can be listened to at any time.

Glenn Harrold, wow!

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