New Year, New You, or Just the Same?


Ouch! Pain! Suffering! That’s what happens when your New Year’s Resolution comes to a crashing halt!

We get psyched up, excited, motivated, enthusiastic about change. The money we will save on costly smoking habits, the embarrassment and discomfort that we feel because we are overweight will be a thing of the past, the crippling stress that fast-paced society creates will no longer cause the problems, the presentations that we have to make will be fun, the phobia that we have suffered will no longer worry us. We believe that all these unwanted patterns of behaviours will no longer exist and they can be in a short period of time with little expense.

Now is the time of year when we decide to make those changes in our lives. To close out the old, and usher in the new optimistic expectations for the rest of the year. It is this excitement and anticipation that encourages us to become better versions of ourselves, healthier, more responsible, successful. Yet the sad truth is that many of us will not live up to our expectations.

Try as we might, it takes little time for our optimism and excitement to dissolve into the mundane and convenient behaviours of the past.

Why is this? How can we be so convinced and motivated to improve and then fall back into the ruts of life that hold us back, endanger our health and well-being and make us mere pawns of thoughts we cannot control. And that, of course, is the answer!

What you think, your thoughts, determine whether you will stop smoking or continue to be a slave to this unwanted, dangerous habit. Your thoughts and self-image will dictate whether you lose weight or worse, gain more. Perceptions of the world around you and your responsibilities will be the measuring stick that defines whether you control stress or stress controls you.

This is the nature of life. You have a choice! You can be a smoker or a non-smoker. Overweight or not. You can perish under the weight of undue stress or you can rise above it and live in the moment. You can let lack of confidence stop you making the most of life and enjoying it, or you can decide to seize the moment and enjoy it. You can continue to allow that phobia to rule your life or you can eliminate it from your life.

Hypnosis is not a cure-all, but it is that best self-management tool that science has yet to discover. Hypnosis is learning the skill of programming your subconscious with what you want and who you want to be, opposed to outside stimulus and negative influences deciding what you will think possibly based on previous experience.

So, this year, do not make the mistake of attempting to overcome old, unwanted, negative patterns of behaviour without help. If it hasn’t helped in the past it probably will not work in the future. When you do the same thing, you get the same results!

So, this year, put the number one personal improvement champion in your corner, your subconscious, standing with you telling you how strong and special you are and that you can achieve what you want.

This year, be different, make your New Year’s resolutions a reality instead of a distant dream. Use hypnosis and discover the gateway to personal success and self-discovery.

Hypnosis works! To learn more, contact us at HypnoHut Hypnotherapy. We off a complimentary, confidential initial consultation. To find out how we can help you to congratulate yourself having changed those negative patterns of behaviour into positive ones, visit or telephone 01634 301152 or 07890798375. The wonderful world of Skype has enabled us to help people anywhere in the world.

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