Repressed Anger


Most of us repress anger however this doesn’t mean it goes away. It still affects us and usually sits just underneath the surface, waiting to burst out at inappropriate times.

Why do we repress anger?

We repress anger for many reasons. Usually when we were young our parents told us off for being angry and expressing it, we were taught that anger is bad, so we learnt how to hide our feelings. And even as adults, we hide our anger because we don’t want to upset others, or we want to give off the impression that we’re happy. Another reason for repressing anger is that we’ve discovered our spirituality and think we’re not supposed to feel angry.

Certainly that is a place we can aspire to reach – where we genuinely don’t feel anger towards anyone or anything. But in the meantime, before we’re there, our anger is just another emotion calling us to look at the pain we carry within. It’s a call for healing, and we can either push it down and away, or we can head that call and listen to ourselves.

How do I know if I am repressing anger? 

10 signs that you’re repressing anger include…

  1. You have frequent disturbing dreams and nightmares.
  2. You frequently speak with sarcasm, cynicism or are flippant.
  3. Lack of energy and motivation -especially for tasks which are assigned to you.
  4. Excessive irritability. Often feel frustrated at strangers for trivial things
  5. Sickness -constant illnesses, or major disease such as cancer.
  6. Procrastination and lateness.
  7. Waking up tired rather than refreshed, or wake up in a bad mood.
  8. Sore muscles such as neck, or frequent headaches.
  9. Grind your teeth at night, or clench your teeth during the day.
  10. Boredom and apathy with life.

There are more signs and symptoms for repressed anger than this list above, and each person experiences it differently. There is nothing to be ashamed about if you feel angry, and quite the contrary, it can actually be harming your health to keep it in.

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