Online Hypnotherapy

There is no doubt that very much the ideal situation is for us to meet with a client in person, but there may be reasons why that is not possible. Sometimes clients may be unable to leave their homes due to disability or agoraphobia. There may be any number of reasons why a client may not be able to visit in person but who would still like to work with us.

It could be that you live in a different part of the UK or abroad and would still like to be helped by the HypnoHut. The Skype procedure would be exactly the same as if we were both in the HypnoHut. We still offer the same free initial consult.

Your Skype online hypnotherapy consultation will take place at the date/time agreed with you in the comfort of your own home.

Do not let your inability to come to us put you off receiving help, email or telephone us for more information about Skype. In the HypnoHut we do not work on the principle that one size fits all so all sessions whether face to face or via Skype are tailored to the individual.

But, if you live locally or within travelling distance, you would really enjoy a visit to the HypnoHut.