What to Stop Doing to Achieve Your Goals Part 2

Handwriting what are your goals in notebook with dart target over dartboard, Business success concept

Even though unwanted or bad habits can stop us from achieving what we want, they can be hard to break.

There are 6 habits that need to be broken if we are going to be successful.


4. Stop saying “Yes”
We all have a limited amount of time and don’t have much to waste. It is important to say no to people who will waste our time. When we say no to the unimportant and stop saying yes to everything that comes our way we free up more time than you can imagine.

5. Stop Expecting
No one can read our minds and no one knows what we want in life unless we tell them. No one knows we want something from them unless we specifically say it. When we stop expecting and start voicing our concerns or issues things start happening much faster.

6. Stop Avoiding
There are always things we don’t want to do, everyone has a list of stuff they hate but it doesn’t mean we can avoid doing them. Not everything is fun, or something you are passionate about. Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to. Suck it up. Generally avoidance causes problems later.

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