The Epidemic of Fear


Anxiety is sweeping our planet over the Coronavirus but it’s not just the Coronavirus that concerns me. It is the epidemic of fear that will damage our emotional wellbeing now and beyond coronavirus. Fear breeds fear. The fear contagion will sprout anxiety. The amount of fake news and sensationalised news available today is astounding. We all love a little sensationalism, but listening to misinformation and passing it on does not help. You end up doing harm to your own mental health. You can, however, control how you think, no matter what information you are being fed.

Anxiety is an emotion caused by your perception of a threat or to remind you that there is something that you need to do. It is designed to protect you from danger. Emotion allows you to define the resources you need to cope with the situation you feel is a threat. 

When you ignore someone with an important message they might speak louder to get heard. If you do not heed them they might start to shout. As it increases in volume so the anxiety increases. The only way to stop that anxiety is to listen to it. Your subconscious mind is constantly warning you of the danger and the need to do what you can to protect yourself and those around you. If you know and believe that you are doing everything that you can then you can be comfortable with any mild anxiety. Remember that anxiety is your friend who is trying to protect you by reminding you to be aware.

When you feel anxious, feel glad, part of you is trying to tell you something it regards as important. Listen to it!

Perhaps you think it easy for me to say. I am lucky, I have learned to be comfortable with my anxiety because I have learned to listen.

If there are any of you reading this who would like help in feeling comfortable with their friend anxiety, I can help you free of charge during this crisis. Contact me now.

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