Treating Anger

Surprisingly anger can be good when it's channeled in the correct way. We think of it as a wild, negative emotion, but it can have it's positive side.

However it does have more negative effects then positive ones.

Anger is a major emotion, what happens when we can't get over it and there's a trauma attached? Quite simply, we get stuck.

One of the best examples is road rage, it may be a simple situation of somebody cutting you up, they may not even realise they've done it. But to you, it might become a major event. I doubt very much if they got up in the morning with the intention of upsetting you.

Letting anger overwhelm you with something like this would be an inappropriate response, but it could last with you for most of the day. It's unresolved anger, and the emotion of it could wear you out.

The past could remain with you right through the present.

We need to learn to accept it for what it is, and to change our approach to it before it becomes all-consuming.

Using the CONTROL system we can access the subconscious and help you to change your attitude to the anger. Thereby releasing you from the heavy weight which you're carrying, and to help you live the life that you want.

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