Treating Anxiety

Imagine a world without anxiety.

Many people see anxiety as an enemy, but guess what?

It can be your best friend.

Anxiety's an emotional response, one of many emotional responses that we feel possibly hundreds of times a day.

There are positive emotions. Happiness, excitement, anticipation, love, compassion, enthusiasm, anxiety.

And there are negative ones. Fear, anger, shame, dismay, anxiety.

Yes, you read that correctly. I've included anxiety on both positive and negative emotions.

Many of these negative emotions are designed to keep us alive. They signal warnings and prompt us to act.

From running away to avoid others, to fighting back, commonly known as flight or fight.

But in a positive light, we feel anxiety in challenges that we're facing, helping us to identify the results of any action that we might take.

We should not try and get rid of anxiety, but learn how to control it.

People will tell you that anxiety is bad, but that will make you feel more anxious, and the problems really begin when you start to feel anxious about feeling anxious.

When anxiety falls to the level required for the problems that we face, we are in control.

The question is now, change from can we get rid of anxiety to can we reduce it to a level that will help us to focus on solving the problem?

Our aim is to help you to alter the way that you think about anxiety and to help you to change your negative beliefs into positive ones, and to help you to live the life that you want.

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