Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state, induced by a practitioner, in which you’re given therapeutic suggestions to encourage changes in your behaviour or relief of your symptoms. The purpose of relaxation is to cancel out the effects of stress and fatigue. Relaxation can help control pain caused by inflammatory arthritis. Learning how to relax your muscles and get the tension out of your body can be very helpful for painful conditions such as inflammatory arthritis.
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As with other forms of complimentary therapies, we, at HypnoHut would insist that any prospective client is seeking medical advice before introducing an intervention plan.
Arthritis means chronic inflammation of the tissues or joints as in rheumatoid arthritis, or a degeneration of the cartilage as in osteoarthritis. Parts affected include the neck, shoulders, back, elbows, wrists, fingers, hips, knees and toes.
It is estimated that 8 million people in the UK have arthritis. Although arthritis is more likely to occur in adults later in their life, children can also be affected by this disorder.

People diagnosed with arthritis often experience chronic pain that can be very debilitating to their lives and careers. As many as 30% of people with arthritis report having trouble simply doing their work.

An article appeared in The Journal of Rheumatology which discussed a study that had been performed on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy on patients who had not seen results from other forms of treatment of their fibromyalgia. Other forms of treatment that the participants underwent included prescription medication and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Help, such as giving the client tolerance of pain level, enhance their coping strategy, and raise their self- esteem. Using hypnotherapy to help the patient relax, and encouragement of pain acceptance can also help the client to feel they have regained control of the situation. This in turn will help reduce their anxiety towards the unexpected illness.

In the HypnoHut, we teach clients with Arthritis to control their own pain using self-hypnosis and allow them to take control of their own life and by empowering them. It puts the client in a more positive frame of mind. Arthritis can be a very distressing, debilitating condition affecting the quality of life and lifestyle of sufferers it can lead to depression therefore it is important that the mind is healthy and hypnosis can help with this.

The first thing to do is contact the HypnoHut and book an initial free consult with us. During this we will explain to you how it all works, what to expect. Should you decide at that point that you would wish to proceed, we will develop a treatment plan to give you the ability to move beyond your Arthritis.

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