High Blood Pressure

Over 90% of people with high blood pressure are diagnosed as having Primary, or Essential, Hypertension. For this type of hypertension there is usually no clear medical cause, which means doctors can only work to manage the symptoms as they do not have the time or resources to address the underlying emotional and lifestyle issues . For many people, this means a lifetime of medication, constant uncertainty and worry about their future.

Hypnosis is a fast track way to influence how your body works. Of course you need to take care of your lifestyle and making healthy life style choices but you can also harness the power of your subconscious mind to lower your blood pressure.

Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and you should seek medical advice. What it will do is allow you to distinguish psychological factors from physical ones. It is a well known fact that stress and anxiety raises the blood pressure. It follows that acquiring the ability to relax or at the very least, not get as stressed, can have a beneficial effect on hypertension. Self hypnosis is a relaxation method that is easy to learn and use in your daily life. At HypnoHut Hypnotherapy we place great importance on teaching clients to help themselves to benefit from the stillness and calmness that this brings.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, the first thing to do is contact the HypnoHut and book an initial free consult with us. During this we will explain to you how it all works, what to expect. Should you decide at that point that you would wish to proceed, we will develop a treatment plan to give you the ability manage your high blood pressure.

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